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(:(:(:Brand New Eyes:):):)
so... i picked up the new paramore album last friday, but ive been busy listening to it and various other things that i havent been able to post about it.... i think that its beyond amazing! definitely worth the wait. i was so excited to actually have it in my hands that the plastic barely even stood a chance!
it was immediatelly put into a cd player and i think i listened to it for 3 hours straight. brand new eyes is like a mix between riot! and all we know is falling, but to me it seems like the band really went  back to their roots for it. the emotion that i feel behind every song is intense. i absolutely adore it:) brick by boring brick is one that i really like at the moment and i feel like i can relate to it alot.. but all of the others fall shortly in step behind it. GAH! i love paramore:)

xoxo-the amazing little one


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