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saturdays are amazing!!
so last saturday, we finally had our first band practice!! it was pretty awesome:) i feel like i'm keeping our name under wraps... we call ourselves pylot starlyt :) sounds cool right?? i certainly think so!

the saturday before hand was warped tour.. it was pretty good:) my mom took me, her friend, my friend who is also one of my guitarists, and her boyfriend who counts as my drummer. i had lotsa fun. i finally got a cobra starship shirt! and i picked up the twloha shirt i've wanted for forever!!! it's the alive tank top:) i'm pretty happy about it:) actually i'm wearing it rightnow!! that's crazy!

lol i'm gonna go shower:) have a great day!! MUAH!!!!!

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yay! thats so chill you got a band
No way i wanna hear some of your stuff yo

yeah its pretty bangin. as soon as we get stuff recorded i'll send a link or somethin your way:)

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