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~the~world~would~be~a~very~dull~place~if~we~didnt~have~people~looking out~for~us!~
so my day was just about horrible! me and my friend person got into this humongo sized fight and it is very safe to say that i dont kno if we'll be coming back out of this one as well as the other few we have had. everyone could tell i was in just a bad mood, but instead of them avoiding me as normal people do they all just kind of jumped on me and it made me feel special for a minute...

my friend discovered this amazing band for me! they're called blood on the dance floor... oh my goodness! they're hilarious! if your into mindless self indulgence the botdf is a band you seriously need to check out!

this kid after school today completelly stepped on me! i mean i kno im little and it was only a matter of time before someone did but i could have waited a little bit longer! he literally came out of no where, backwards, and now there is this huge bruise on my ankle and even the slightest touch s sending me into a world of agony! stupid kid...


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