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just another helpless, hopeless, love sick melody
so i've recently realized upon breaking up with the latest victim that i have a real problem with guys...
it's like i would much rather spend my time staring at guys that don't even kno i exist then being with the guys that are right there and would want nothing but to be with me for forever and a day.. i really hate that about myself.. my heart wants to be fully there and happy, but my mind just wants to run like hell and keep everyone at a distance.
i think it might be because im scared of getting hurt so i don't want to let anyone too close.. but at the same time all i want is for someone to grab me and not let go because they understand what's going on in my head more than i even do..
one day (hopefully soon), the exact right guy will show up tho right??? i guess i won't hold my breathe til then........


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